Hi!  I'm Angela!
I am so glad you are here!!

I capture families in a way that is meaningful and with my whole heart. I look for the details and the little moments in between the poses.

If your heart is to capture the memories of what knits your family together, that continue to speak to you long after the children have grown, that make you smile all over again, the memories that bring life to the halls of your home,  I am the photographer for YOU!  

If you're looking for a few quick snapshots that you can throw in a file on your computer, or want a few photos before you PCS, I am not the photographer for you.


We have 4 beautiful children that give us a run for our money along with more joy than we ever could have imagined! You will meet my oldest daughter, as she is the worlds best assistant and can make even the grumpiest toddler calm down! =) 

I am homeschooling mama, an entrepreneur, flea market junkie, and passionate about my home! If I can't find it, I will make it.  
My perfect Saturday morning is walking the aisles of a home improvement store or a flea market with a cup of tea in hand! 
As my husband and I continue to raise our family amidst this lifestyle, we strive to set time aside to be TOGETHER and cultivate a life giving HOME.  

By allowing European Vintage to invest in you, you're supporting both of our families dreams and our legacy. 

Have you met my family?

Come hang out with me a minute... They are adorable!





Thank you for connecting with me, I hope that you have seen a little bit of my heart and who I am!
I am looking forward to our time together! Love, Angela 


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