Summer Spots

Summer is here! 

I am so excited! Truthfully, this season is our family favorite! It's why we are retiring in the sunshine state when we retire! 


We have 2 places we like to visit during the summer here. 

Every time i mention these places to anyone, they have no idea what am i talking about. Which is why I thought to share it here! It's not very glamourous, but it will give you some good quality time with your family! 


Our Hangouts

1. Miesau village pool
Located just a few min off the autobahn and only 15 min from Ramstein, this is our #1 go to! I love this pool vs the other local pools because it meets a mama's needs! Also perfect for daddy to meet us for picnic dinner after work! 
   1. Easy parking ( for my mama van) 
   2. There are 3 pools. The main pool is about 4ft deep with a gradual increase at the entrance. This is great for families who have multiple ages, because we can be in the same pool at once. 
   3. I can see everyone in all the pools by standing in one spot. This is huge for having children of various age ranges. 
  4. Super slide! -- enough said
  5. Kiddie pool that has lots of little slides and things to keep the toddlers busy ( it does get crowded on hot days though. 
  6. The water is always warm. (compared to other local outdoor pools)
  7. Plenty of active life guards- No riff raff happening there. 
  8. The Gelatto van is always parked outside at the end of our day! So bring small euros.
  9. They offer a season pass for families, and we always get our money's worth! it's 90 euros this year. 



2. Bostal See
Located about 40 min from Ramstein up the A62 direction Baumholder ( about 15 min past baumholder) is a great beach day! When you want to "get away" for the day but not have that long car ride, this is it! 
1. Sand & Water
2. They have motor boats, and paddle boats, camp site, snack shacks etc. 
3. If you go early parking is great. 
4. They have a little kids playground on the beach area, as well as a big slide for older kids. 

And I'd like to add that the Centerpark there is also our favorite indoor pool! We go there a few times a year. It's more pricey, but plan to stay all day for a resort feel afternoon. 


How I document our Summer


With spending so much time at the pool and in sandy locations during the summer it's easier to just bring my mobile phone. BUT, i know that there are times that I want a little more. 

My full frame camera- and the 35mm lens since i am right there with the kiddos.
Gopro 5
mobile phone

What I do when I know i am going to want to capture specific things, such as kids with all their gear on before jumping in, or checking out the sand for shells . holding hands and running etc... I bring out my full frame/regular camera in the beginning and I have a mental list to get those shots.
Then i put it away for the rest of the day. This way, i got want I wanted to remember the day, and I don't have to stress about it getting wet or dirty.

And i don't have kids getting frustrated because I keep trying to get them to do what's on my shoot list all day =)  I want to be present and in the moment as much as I can with all of them.

  Enter step 2- 

 At the pool, I jump in with the kids and use my Gopro 5. It's One of the best investments we have made for our family! We purchased a floating handle stick, and always have it poolside ready for the action! 
Not only is it easy for me to use and capture some fun action shots, but all the kids can use it too! We have some great footage of them on slides, and diving boards... it just adds a whole new level to summer memories! 

I love to use my mobile for detail shots, and other video for our family films when i don't have my full frame camera out. 

In the mail and on it's way for this summer,  is a Dj gimbal for filming. I am so excited to try it!  


What do you take with you to shoot your kids? And if you want to try something new what's it going to be?


Baby Z

When you meet the most excited parents ever!! GAH!

I treasure that these new families trust me with their newest additions and let me be a part of their home just for a moment.... 

Here is baby Z in all her wide awake glory! =) She was so incredibly strong, and didn't want to miss a minute of her first portrait session! 

Baby Zoe Newborn 2018-39.jpg
Baby Zoe Newborn 2018-40.jpg