W Family

When they grow to fast, and heading off to college is just around the corner, you STOP. When you celebrate 20 years of marriage you stop.

Just stop, and cherish today. Honor this moment.


Taking the time to document your life now, will mean SO much to your kids one day.


Do it for them.


They will Thank you for it.

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Studio is open!


Welcome to our new studio!!! 

It has been such a labor of love in such a short time ! By short I mean, I decided to open a studio and set it up within 2 weeks time! 

I have already been able to do a few sessions in it as well, and i am in love!! 

Here are some fun before and After's of our process! 


This was the kids play room! 7ft ceilings, and cement flooring underneath.

Our family is a bit bigger now, and so we were able to disburse the fun throughout the rest of our home. 


The first thing we did is put in new flooring. We had just enough left from our renovations in the main living area of our home from a few years ago. It was such a great change! Mark spent about 2.5 hours laying it down. BAM! 


Then for added design elements we put in this faux farm wood beam. This way i can break up the long feeling of the room, and kinda section it off for the client appointment area, and the shooting area. 


Another design element to take away the feeling of being in such a small space, was shiplap. We added this to the wall with special glue, and special nails as it's a cement wall. We cut sheets of plywood into strips. Super easy! This took about 2 hours. 

BeFunky Collage.jpg

My desk is a sofa table - it was long and skinny enough to fit into my space. A regular desk would have overpowered the area. I love the style and it's just the right size. Eventually i will move my computer down here.


We created a sliding barn door with an old door i had, and sanded it down. we attached it with wheels on the bottom and a curtain rod on top to secure it. 


My sofa is from ikea!I love it! 


This is just an old french dessert table painted, and we put a changing pad on. It's great for the babies. I put an old door behind it for some added charm. 


We built a frame around the Tv. It was made to just slide and rest on it. Very simple. 


I painted an old chair from my bedroom. It's now a new favorite! 


Thank you so much for visiting!!

Here's some recent fun had in the studio! 


This is the area by the window where the magic happens!