Deutschland Dream Session Information

 It's almost time to create amazing memories to remember your time in Germany! 

Below you will find all the information on your upcoming session.

Please read to the end. 


What to Expect


Session Poses for your collection include:
Family together as a group ( a few variations of course)
Siblings together as a group ( a few variations of course)
Each child individual ( a few variations of course) 
Dog individual ( if applicable) 
Parents together ( a few variations of course) 

ANY ADDITIONAL POSE requests are welcome, ( mama and child, daddy and child etc) 
but will be added to a separate gallery and can be purchased in addition to your collection for $100 each.  Please let me know beforehand if you would like to do additional posing so we can alot for the time. 

During the Session

Once you arrive we will get the children dressed first.  
I will take the kids for their session time while mom and dad finish getting ready. 
This gives me some time to connect one on with them. If  you have a child 2 years or younger we can wait for mom and dad! 

Then we will do the entire family together, then mom and dad together.  

  I aim to get shots with the castle in the background and some with the beautiful German field and village in the distance.  

I have a little treat for the little  kids when we are all done !


Styling Guide 

I will have all your outfits ready to go!

** Families come in all different sizes. I do not always dress everyone in an exact match, but I will coordinate everyone together! I will choose the best colors and patterns for your session. 

I bring hats, floral halos, jewelry and several props to choose from for a truly authentic session. 

I will have a  portable changing room and a mirror  or you can change in/by your car.  Whatever makes you the most comfortable! 

Men- White under shirt, sport shorts for easy changing. Brown shoes or boots, tan or cream socks if possible (white is okay too!). or barefoot!

Woman-- White tank top, push up bra is ideal & a pair of gym shorts. This makes for super easy dressing. Flats or heals -black or brown is best- or barefoot


Boys- White undershirt or onesies for toddlers. Brown or black shoes and socks. If you don't have either for young children, barefoot is great.

Girls- White under shirt (tank) & a pair of shorts. This makes for super easy dressing out there. Brown or black dress shoes. If you don’t have either for children, barefoot is great!

Babies will wear the outfit without any under garment.


Studio Wardrobe Form

Name *
your session date
Dirndl's are a bit tight in the bust area. If you are larger on top, please go up a size in your dress choice. If you aren't sure you are welcome to come to the studio to try on the dress prior. But i always bring an extra size to your session in case.
Please list your child's name, sex and clothing size below.
Please select the location you would like for your session

To schedule your Hair & Make up appointment please fill out the form below


Studio Address
& Studio Fields

19 Bergstrasse Altenkirchen 66903
Park, and come in the black gated driveway, you will head to the left side of the house till you get to the studio door on your right! 


Castle Location


Your session will be held at the Lichtenberg castle  (near Kusel)  fields, unless we have made other arrangements.

We will meet in the back field of the Castle
GPS Address
Burgstraße 12, 66871 Thallichtenberg

Once you get to the castle take the sharp left around the corner and up the hill.
You will pass the large parking lot on your left, keep going!
On the left is a small turn in… you will see my black Honda van parked. 

My cell is Angela @ 015119413341 in case!



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