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 It's almost time to create amazing memories to remember your time in Germany! 

Below you will find all the information on your upcoming session.


At the Session

Please plan to arrive to your session 15 min prior to your time slot.
This will give you time to park, let the kids use the restroom etc. 

 My assistants will welcome you, and guide you to the area to get ready! 

Once you are dressed, we will get to the fun part! 

Picture time! 

I will be taking different family poses together as a whole. 
 There will not be any individual images of the children.

Poses are : variations of the family together.

If the weather is not ideal, there is no need to worry as I will have a large white wedding party tent for great coverage!

 If it is absolutely terrible weather we have a reschedule day with your SAME time slot the next day.

We will have lots of fun, and enjoy our time together! 

Expect your entire time at your session 45 minutes ( arriving, dressing, pictures, getting undressed ) 

Styling and What to wear

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I will have all your outfits ready to go!

** Families come in all different sizes. I do not always dress everyone in an exact match, but I will coordinate everyone together! I will choose the best colors and patterns for your session. 

I have  hats, floral halos, jewelry and several props to choose from for a truly authentic session. 
Men- White under shirt, sport shorts for easy changing. Brown shoes or boots, tan or cream socks if possible (white is okay too!). or barefoot!

Woman-- White tank top, (push up bra is ideal in white or nude. ( no colors) & a pair of gym shorts. This makes for super easy dressing. Flats or heals -black or brown is best- or barefoot


Boys- White undershirt or onesies for toddlers. Brown or black shoes and socks. If you don't have either for young children, barefoot is great.

Girls- White under shirt (tank) & a pair of  shorts. This makes for super easy dressing . Brown or black dress shoes. If you don’t have either for children, barefoot is great!


My Session Check List: for younger ones

*Feed kiddos a little snack before you arrive. 
*For little ones it might help to bring a favorite toy that I could use during the session to help gain their attention. 
*Bring hair brush/comb in case it's a little windy (Crazy German weather)
*For babies -  bring bottle, pacifier to the session in case.
*Have everyone come in white- under t shirts ( boys) tanks and gym shorts
(for girls). this makes for easy dressing and modesty for them.
* Check kiddos nails and take off old nail polish. No nail polish is best for a session.

My Session Check List : for big kiddos

* Remember to bring hair brush/comb in case of wind
* Check kiddos nails and take off old nail polish. No nail polish is best for a session.
*bring a snack if it's a later session. They will may starving with all the fun

Please put all mobile devices away during your session time. And please do not take photos at the event during the session. This can cause a distraction in the children and they dont’ know where to look etc. Also teenagers can get distracted and that’s no phone either =) Thank you!

And Finally the last one....

The family takes their cue from mama! =) And if mama is stressed everyone is. =) Don't be stressed. I got this! 

Are you ready? 

Let's do this. Together! 


Hair & Make Up

Hair for Mamas: For hair, you will have a flower crown ( unless you'd like to refrain) so having your hair curled or down is best.
Hair for Girls: The girls will wear flower crowns, so you can braid their hair prior, or however you think is cutest with a crown. 
We have done all kinds- up, half up, braids, and curled. They are all cute! 

If you'd like to schedule hair and make up with my make up artist, you can click the link below for more information.

Studio Wardrobe Form

Name *
your session time
Dirndl's are a bit tight in the bust area. If you are larger on top, please go up a size in your dress choice. If you aren't sure you are welcome to come to the studio to try on the dress prior. But i always bring an extra size to your session in case.
Please list your child's name, sex and clothing size below.
Agreement *
I agree to be on time for my session. I plan to arrive 15 min prior to my session time. If i arrive at my session time, i am considered late. If i am late, i understand that I will be put on standby if needed.
for example, extremely shy? children that don't like to smile and that's normal, or children that have a favorite character or song that will be helpful for me to know? Are there any disabilities I should be aware of? Autism etc? This will help best know how to serve your family. Feel free to share here.



Your session will be held a our studio fields. 
Parking is on the street, or in the school parking lot across the street

GPS Address
19 Bergstrasse Altenkirchen 66903


Please save this contact in your phone for the day of in case you are lost, or running late ( but don't be late- LOL)
My cell is Angela @ 015119413341




Due to the nature of this event, your photos will be delivered online within 2 weeks of your session date.

the Digital gallery collection is 399.
You must purchase the collection.



*Where is the session location? This is located in Altenkirchen ( 30 min from Ramstein AFB) in our back studio field

*Is this at the Castle?: No

* What does the field look like? Please see the photo above

*How do we get dressed? You will arrive at the studio 1o min prior to your session time where our staff will get everyone ready. After you book your session you will receive a welcome guide on how to plan and what to expect. 

*Will we all match? We do our best to coordinate your attire. I don't get to matchy matchy, but your combination of clothing will always adorable! 

*Can we bring our pets? Due to the limited time for this session we won't be able to accommodate them. 

* What happens if we are late? You will be placed on standby until next available. 
( please please don't be late =)