Hello, & Welcome! 

Please take a moment to review the entire page for session location, what to wear and what to expect, checklist, and collections.


Location Info


Your session will be held in our indoor studio due to the weather this year! 

19 Bergstrasse Altenkirchen 66903

Located just 30 min from Ramstein area
Direction A6 towards Saarbrucken

*Plan to arrive 15 min prior to your session time.
This allows for time to get the children out of the car, fix any loose hair bows and straighten bow ties and get dressed if using our studio wardrobe.
Your family should be ready to walk on set at your session time.  

Parking is super easy. This is located at my home and there is a school parking lot right across the street. 


What to wear


Light pastel colors are always best-

Girls : Dresses are best for this set. I encourage pastel colors, whites, creams, and beige. 
Barefoot is perfect for this session. so no need to run out and try to find the perfect shoes. =)  
Don't Wear:
Any dresses that are vibrant in color ( hot pinks, bright teal,  bright hot yellows, oranges) have black in it or other very dark colors. Sweaters should be also be light in color if wearing one. ( no black or royal blue and other dark colors) NO TIGHTS - Barefoot please

I have a ton of various girls dresses in all sizes in this style. If you would like to use one of mine, just let me know! 

If you have ANY questions you are always welcome to message me .
Send me an iphone pic of what you are planning and we can plan it together! 


Boys : i have a full studio wardrobe ready !

However, if you’d like to wear your own- Suggested Button down shirts ( No Polo shirts or printed T shirts please) for a classic timeless look. Light colors, creams, whites etc. ( a plane white t shirt is also fun!)
I have available in all sizes - Light blue checked and Light green checkered button down shirts if you would like to use them - let me know! I also have a peter rabbit pattern bow tie! 
Khaki pants, Suit pants, are great! I am not really a fan of jeans for this session , but lighter ones are best! Try not to have a dark suit or black suit. 
Barefoot is best! 
Send me an iphone pic of what you are planning and we can plan it together! 

IF you would like to use our Studio Wardrobe, please fill out this form:

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During your session 

Do you have any doubts or concerns that your little one may not be quite ready to jump into things so quickly? Don't worry! YES, your session is 20 minutes.That might sound to short for a fussy baby or timid toddler, I just want you to relax. =0) I LOVE children and am great with them! I take my time, and let them be who they are! There will be enough time. We will get the shot! 
I guide the entire session in a way they don't really know they are being photgraphed. We play games, and of course if that's not enough there is always CANDY! LOL

I typically ask mom and dad  sometimes to walk a bit away from the set to encourage eye connection with me.  So don't be offended if i have you move away for a minute or two! And while they are just so adorable and all dressed up it can be easy to want to take a few snap shots with your phone. Please refrain from taking photos with your mobile phone during their session time as to not distract them from looking my way and feeling the pressure of performing. I love to connect and get genuine connections and this will help me to get that.   =) Thank you!! 


Your Check List

My Session Check List: for younger ones

*Feed kiddos a little snack before you arrive. 
*For little ones it might help to bring a favorite toy that I could use during the session to help gain their attention. 
*Bring hair brush/comb in case it's a little windy (Crazy German weather)
*For babies -  bring bottle, pacifier to the session
* Check kiddos nails and take off old nail polish. No nail polish is best for a session.
* We have a restroom!
* Remind the children that we need to be gentle with the set and props and it's for imagination =) 

My Session Check List : for big kiddos

* Remember to bring hair brush/comb in case of wind
* Check kiddos nails and take off old nail polish. No nail polish is best for a session.
* We have a restroom!

And Finally the last one....

* Relax! Cause it's going to go great! =) I love to let the kids be themselves and sometimes that can take a few extra minutes for them to warm up to the camera lady! =)  I know we are limiting ourselves to a time frame this time for a "mini" session , but don't let that make you feel stressed.  So, if you feel that they aren't listening, or they aren't looking, or posing, I just want you to know i have seen it all and I a not worried one bit! =) So never feel bad if you think it's not going well.  We will make some great memories!

The family takes their cue from mama! =) And if mama is stressed everyone is. =)

Are you ready? 

Let's do this. Together! 




Egg Collection $199

All your Eggs, i mean portraits in one basket!

Entire digital Gallery with print release


Garden Collection $349

All your Eggs, i mean portraits in one basket!
8x8 10 page Heirloom Album
1 8x12 gift print