Your Fresh 48 Session

How to prepare for our time together

What to wear:

1. Mama-- During this time,  you are going to be tired, and just reflecting on the miracle that has come to pass. You may not even realize or think about what to wear. But i would like to offer a few suggestions that will greatly benefit your photo memories and you can simply add it to your hospital bag. 

 Wear a neautral color robe ( cream, white, pale colors) nothing to bold or busy , no black or hot colors) I can also provide one if you let me know. This is flattering, and helps if you have multiple children in the room tugging and climbing onto your bed and you can feed easily and quickly when needed.  Or a button down pajama set in a neutral/light color. 

2. Family Members- I know we can't guarantee what everyone will be wearing, but some tips to shoot for- no t shirts with logos and wording on anyone ( unless it's the big brother big sister planned type of shirts =) ---
 Neutral colors make for the brightest images in such a small space such as the hospital room. Maybe consider packing a shirt for dad in your hospital bag so he doesn't even have to think about that.  Siblings should try to coordinate in light colors ... no one in loud bright clothing. 

3. Baby- One word. Organic. 
    Baby's fresh skin, tiny toes, little hands... things like this will be best in neutral colors. so a simple white/neutral cotton onesie is wonderful. The same with a swaddle blanket. Even the hospital blanket is great. No need to dress the baby in a full outfit. Most of them will be to big for them those first few hours anyway. Less is more. 


At the hospital:
While we can't guarantee anything during your hospital stay, here are some tips I'd like to share if the opportunity presents itself. 

TIP #1  Ask the nurse to try to hold off on a bath, or fingerprinting till I am there, weighing , measuring etc. I know this can't always be possible. But depending on the season and how busy they are, it won't hurt to ask. =)

TIP #2 Also, it would be very helpful to let the staff know that you will have a photographer there and to hold off on any interruptions during our time together. When I was there someone was in the room every 5 min ( sign this form, measure this, take your blood pressure, the breastfeeding team, the meals, etc..). So i know it can get crazy. And p.s. YES! you absolutely can ask to put a do not disturb for a bit. 

TIP #3 Consider letting other guests such as co-workers squadron teams, etc. to schedule their time to visit.
I have been at a fresh 48 so many times when the client had no idea the commander was coming in or their boss to greet the new baby.. This was not only awkward for the mama who wasn't dressed, but I had to wait in the hall as the room was so small and they stayed for over an hour interrupting our session time together. I even had to leave and come back the next day as the interruptions just never ended. Don't let that be you! =)  

I will move things around if necessary, such as the items on a tray, or the luggage on the floor. Sometimes I will stand on the chair or move the curtains etc. My goal is to document and capture the moment as it unfolds, so I try not to talk to you and explain to much of what I am doing in order to let you all have this wonderful time together. So here is a good warning. =) 
If you have anything in particular you want to make sure I capture, please don't hesitate to ask! 

Visitors- If there are siblings, I will capture each of them with their newest sibling and get a few family poses together too.
Mom and dad with the baby and the in betweens!
I will go for it all. =) 

If we need to stop for a feeding, no problem! Don't feel rushed. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 

See you soon!