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I feel so honored that you have chosen EV to capture the heart of your family while you are here in Deutschland.

2019 Spring Booking

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Schedule Fall 2017

Current Available Dates for those on the inquiry/wait list:

This is a current list and is updated once a day. =) I will let you know if anyone has booked before i updated. These are for your session dates. Your viewing and ordering appointment will be scheduled at your session.
September sunset is aprox 8:00pm. I will start sessions around 6-6:30 during this season. 

Sept 10 BOOKED
Sept 22 Evening - booked
Sept 23
Sept 24 BOOkED
Sept 30 BOOKED

Christmas At home Event  - Oct 21 22

Message me with your date of choice and we will finalize the time!

Sessions are typically in the evenings within 1-2 hours prior to sunset. Mornings can also be arranged depending on the location.  So many sessions are at the castle and evenings or cloudy days are the only time to shoot due to the location of the sun in reference to the castle.  However, I do also shoot other locations!

We can talk about that more later! looking forward to sharing with you! 


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