Address for Location 1
Kusel Castle Map & Directions

We will meet in the back field of the Castle
GPS Address
Burgstraße 12, 66871 Thallichtenberg

Once you get to the castle take the sharp left around the corner and up the hill.
You will pass the large parking lot on your left, keep going! On the left is a small turn in… you will see my black Honda van parked. 

My cell is Angela @ 015119413341 in case!
Save this in your contacts for your session day in case you are lost or running behind. 


Studio and Studio open Fields Directions
19 Bergstrasse
Altenkirchen 66903


Session Options: 

*Kusel Castle Fields with castle in backround (see image 1)
*Studio field location (see image 2 ) 
* Village in the background location ( near our studio see image 3) 


Please continue for detailed information AFTER your session