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Business Mentorship
Are you struggling with balancing your work and life?  I totally get it! I was there!! Being a stay at home mom and business woman is a true balancing act. I had to figure out a way to stay professional, keep the house up and not be up till 2am every night! 

I want to have one on one time via skype or in person,  where I can share with you how to best automatize your workflow, clients and business side of photography.  I am an open book! I share with you all the steps i took to get myself automated and a workflow that works as a stay at home mama.  

The point together is to SAVE you time and get your life back! I am a busy homeschooling mama to 4 kiddos ages 1 -12!I am also a military wife and that means i am on my own with the kiddos often. In between that i manage our day to day and full time shooting from spring to fall. And I can still smile and say I LOVE what I do, and you can too! Ask me anything! I have saved hundreds of hours and brain power with my set up and i know it will help you too! 

2 Hours on skype or in person $499

We cover: They why of your business, workflow, automating correspondence, web design and pages necessary for automation, social media, and client portals and pre-written emails, and so much more. Take your business to the next level.  
This is an investment that will reap the rewards instantly. Can't wait to share with you! ( We do not discuss editing, posing, and other technical aspects of the photography business in this session, but are solely focused on the business side. 

The Skills of Portrait Photography mentorship

Learn how to: Pose, get genuine connections, work with uncooperative children, and create a cohesive gallery every time. Includes:

2 hour skype or in person session, examples of poses ( we watch video footage of actual sessions, and i share with you how i got the reactions i do etc. It's as if you are there with me. it's a great way for you to see what I have done to get those connections etc. , Includes 2 hour session +  Portfolio critique. $499

Mastering the Mini Session mentorship
If you are looking at how to best run a mini event from start to finish. This is for you:
Learn how to create a stylized storytelling set, poses for that set, the business side: advertising, pricing, workflow, and selling out.  This is a must have for any photography business. It's what gets you business in between the regular sessions. A must have for any photography business! 

$499 for 2 hour in person , a list of resources, and checklists.

If you want to grow your business you need to invest in yourself. It's worth it. 

**How to edit, photoshop, lightroom mentoring is not available that this time. 


we do it all. early morning to late at night- one entire day to knock it all out- an intensive: This is only if you are absolutely dedicated to your business. Where you and I are going to do the hard work to get you set up and going. 
Followed by a 2 month phone call follow up.  8 hours of nitty gritty -! 

I want you to succeed, i have learned how to grow my business from $65 a session just 4 years ago to over 1800 a session on average only working 6 months out of the year and part time while i raise my littles. I have learned alot of ways to optimize my time and provide my clients with what they truly value. 
I am a german business and pay business taxes. I can not help anyone at this time unless you are an actual business with a tax ID. I believe in starting business off on the right foot- and that is by having a regsitered business in your state or country.

( I do not provide information on where I get my products. I work hard to provide my clients with a unique one of a kind offerings that work with my branding. I will however gladly recommend several product suppliers to get you going ) 

For Mamas

Workshop for mama's coming soon!