For photographers

Are you struggling with balancing your work and life?  I totally get it! I was there!! Being a stay at home mom and business woman is a true balancing act. I had to figure out a way to stay professional, keep the house up and not be up till 2am every night! 

I want to have one on one time via skype or in person,  where I can share with you how to best automatize your workflow, clients and business side of photography.  I am an open book! I share with you all the steps i took to get myself automated and a workflow that works as a stay at home mama.  

The point together is to SAVE you time and get your life back! I am a busy homeschooling mama to 4 kiddos ages 1 -12!I am also a military wife and that means i am on my own with the kiddos often. In between that i manage our day to day and full time shooting from spring to fall. And I can still smile and say I LOVE what I do, and you can too! Ask me anything! I have saved hundreds of hours and brain power with my set up and i know it will help you too! 

2 Hours on skype or in person $199

We cover: workflow, automating correspondence, web design and pages necessary for automation, social media, and client portals and SO much more!  
This is an investment that will reap the rewards instantly. Can't wait to share with you! 


For Mamas

Workshop for mama's coming soon!