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Studio Samples

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Studio Clothing 

The studio is bright and airy. I  have a studio wardrobe available for all family members. But if you would like to wear your own clothing or go shopping, here are my color palettes:
Whites, creams, light greys, blush,  and neutral tones. 

MEN: khaki slacks, grey slacks  ( no jeans) no black pants.  Dress shirts or I have fitted T's available  in all sizes. ( I tend not to photograph feet in the studio, but if i need to, i will put you barefoot) 

WOMAN- a dress is most preferred. mid length to floor length is best. 

CHILDREN-  It's best to use my studio dresses for the girls as i have over 70 dresses to choose from. For boys, i have mostly tops with some bottoms for 2 and under. Boys - khaki pants and barefoot.

If you have any questions, or would like to send me snapshots of ideas please don't hesitate to contact me at any time! 


Looking forward to our time together!