Styling Guide




Your experience with Angela, at European Vintage is designed to provide your with timeless portraits that you will cherish for many years

We have carefully curated a wardrobe for just about everyone in your family. 

Every session has to option to pull from my collection of pieces and save time and energy shopping. 

I love helping to bring the details together of my clients portrait sessions. 

Wardrobe is always inclusive with each session. 
I am happy to set aside a date prior to your session to visit the studio! 




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If you would like to wear your own clothing here is some information on color:

In order to get the look and  style you see in my sessions, you will want to go with these neutral Colors: Cream, white, grey, blush pink, ivory, khaki color, possibly splashes of light blue

( no navy blue or turquoise blues) 




Tips for Dad's & Son's

No polo shirts
a simple plain white or grey t-shirt ( no pattern or pockets) Henley shirt
button down shirt
sweater, cardigans
Bow ties and ties are optional. 
Pair with Khaki pants or dress shorts, grey slacks  - no jeans please.
      No Tennis shoes. ( casual or sandals)


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Tips for Mama's & Daughter's

My #1 recommendation is a long dress or floor length skirt. Maxi lengths comfy, timeless and flattering.
1.They flow so nice in any breeze, and have a timeless look in portraits
2. The are easy to sit down in when posing with the family.
I do not have to worry, nor you of sitting comfortably and showing  to much.
3. We have VERY windy weather at times here in the fields of Germany.I have not seen good results come from short dresses ...Ha Ha!

Additional Thoughts:

No Jean Jackets. Bring a cardigan or shawl instead
Please refrain from pants  
Heels, are great for moms.
Unless you will be much taller than hubby!
Then i would suggest flats, boots, sandals. 

psst: Consider SPANX. choose a size that fits you well as they can tend to show a ripple effect if it's to tight on you through your dress. =) 



Wear a dress.
It's timeless. 

I know some girls don't want to be in a dress.. ever. never. ever.
And my advice to that, is let them wear what is most comfortable for them.
Nothing like having an 8-11 year old girl who can't wait to be done with the session to get out of her clothes. LOL!

IF they won't wear a dress then I suggest :
NO blue jeans - select khaki's or neutral colored pants
Refrain from Jean Jackets- wear a cardigan instead.

Skip tights. Go for either barefoot or sandals or ankle socks with dress shoes for a timeless look .




More Tips for Children

Dress the kids in clothes that fit perfectly.
Even if they are only wearing it for a few months, it's best to have them fit just right than to big in their photos.
Choose a size smaller for sweaters or blazers. This will then fit just right in the photos.
Shoes: Kids can coordinate with their outfit, but I let kids go barefoot often. No Tennis shoes for anyone! =)



Styling Guide for In the Studio

By clicking the button below you can preview what a studio session will look like.

Pre Session Consulation


I have mentioned it above, but wanted to share one more time:


ee what I have before you go shopping!


If you would like to use the studio wardrobe, please submit this form below:

Name *
Please give me your family clothing sizes ( men's pant size and shirt size, woman's dress size, children's sex and clothing size.

Places to Shop

 US Shops online (they have some nice long maxi dresses)

Get outfits in just a few days by shopping here in germany!

Germany Shops online - my MOST favorite

* Kleider = Dress
* Machen- Girl
* Jungen - Boy
* Damen- Woman
* Herren- Men


Hair & Makeup 

Sometimes we want to go a step further and get our hair and makeup professional done! 
I recommend Brittany Alexis for a professional Hair and or make up session.  She is located on FB under her full name.
Just tell her when your session date is and that Angela from European Vintage sent you.